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A leading provider of logistics services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our task is the optimization in meeting the needs for complete logistics services to your full satisfaction. We realize this objective through reliability, speed, safety and competitive prices.
The company Intereuropa started back in 1947 as a limited liability company with only three employees in the former ""B Zone"". The number of services provided by the company and the number of employees grew from year to year, causing changes in the organizational structure. In the period from 1965 to 1990, Intereuropa opened branches in all major cities of the former Yugoslavia. After the disintegration of the state (1991) branches outside of Slovenia were restructured and organized as limited liability companies. The privatization process was completed by 1995, and Intereuropa shares were registered on Ljubljana's Stock Exchange in 1998.

At the end of the 90s, our network is spread to the markets of South-East Europe, partly because of the reintegration of former branches of The Concern, and partly through new acquisitions. Parallel to that there has been a change in the core business of the company. Therefore, the company for customs representation and transport Intereuropa has grown into an international logistics group that offers a wide and integrated range of services. In 2002, we added some new services into our range of offerings and officially registered global logistics services as our core business.



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